Notice of Annual General Meeting


16th July 2020 @ 7pm


Apologies for the late notice, this weeks AGM (25.06.2020) has been rescheduled until the 16th July at 7pm.  We will advise of the forum and access code closer to the time. 

Please be advised that a special resolution will be put forward at the AGM to formally adopt the new constitution (Swim Vic Model Rules 2019) providing it is agreed upon.  Nominations will remain open until the AGM.

This will be a virtual meeting so if you are able to attend please email or messenger your RSVP 
and we will send a zoom meeting code to you closer to the time.

At the AGM all committee positions will be declared vacant. Nominations will be accepted for all positions from now.  If you have any questions about any of the positions please send us an email.  Position descriptions and AGM Nomination Form can be found on the clubs google drive.

Look forward to seeing you all soon.