Club Information

Aims of the club

It is the aim of the Club to provide opportunities for swimmers to develop their swimming skills in order to reach their potential in the sport; to encourage sportsmanship, team spirit and social and emotional development; and to compete in inter-club competition within Sunraysia and in other championship events.

At Irymple Swimming Club we are interested not only in the development of sport, but also in how sport can help develop young people.  We are also interested in helping parents and coaches understand how children think and learn through sport and how they best respond to coaching.  We are interested in improving the quality of coaching by supporting coach education.

Swimming Training

In summer training is held on Monday's & Thursday's at the Irymple Pool. Training times for each night at 5-6pm.  Winter training (Prior to the Irymple Pool opening) is held at Mildura Waves.


Swimming coaches for the 2019-20 season are Alison Curry (Monday), and Mandy Harvey (Thursday).

Hand Book

New club handbook will be available shortly before the season starts.

Where We Swim

Irymple Swimming Pool