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Update on pool closures

posted Feb 12, 2011, 11:22 PM by Clinton Williams

Hi Lyn and Di,


As you are aware, recent flooding in the local area has forced YMCA Victoria and MRCC to close both the Irymple and Red Cliffs pools.


Whilst both pools currently remain closed as we work to restore water quality, below is a brief update on where we are at in our attempts to reopen the centres.


Red Cliffs pool needed to be drained following the flooding and this occurred earlier this week. The pool was then cleaned and refilling commenced on Wednesday evening. Although it is town supply water, the quality of the refill water going back into the pool is not great and as such we have been forced to undertake some extensive treatment and follow up cleaning. Whilst it is difficult to determine an exact reopening date, we are anticipating that this centre (all going well) should be operational sometime around Wednesday/Thursday next week.


Irymple pool received an SES evacuation notice last weekend and this resulted in its immediate closure. The evacuation notice was issued due to burst sewer pipes in the Irymple area. We consulted MRCC first thing Monday morning and a decision was made to keep the pool closed until the quality of the water could be guaranteed. Our concern here centred around the fact that local sewer overflows may have reached stormwater and given that there was substantial surface stormwater threatening to enter the pool, we requested MRCC to conduct some microbiological testing at the site. The pool has since been super chlorinated as a precaution while we await final test results. All MRCC microbiological testing is sent to Melbourne for analysis and as you could appreciate, the recent flooding in Victoria means that there is a large backlog of testing at the laboratory. Again, whilst it is difficult to predict a reopening date, we are hopeful of this centre being open Wednesday/Thursday next week.


Please be assured that YMCA Victoria and MRCC are working hard to reopen the centres as soon as possible. I will endeavour to keep your clubs updated regarding pool reopening dates. Please also feel free to monitor our website for daily updates.




Scott Umback

Mildura Area Manager

YMCA Victoria