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T & I Shield / Last Blast / Club Champs

posted Feb 26, 2012, 2:57 AM by Clinton Williams
Hi Everyone,
I will need your entries for the Last Blast and Club Championships by Wednesday. 
Please note:  The format for the T&I Shield has been changed this year.  The event has been combined with the Last Blast.  There will be two shields for clubs to compete for.  One will be a particiation shield based  the percentage of swimmers participating to registered club members.  The second shield is for points.  Points will be awarded similar to pennant nights.  Please support your club and enter this meet.

Event 1:        25m Butterfly

Event 2:        50m Butterfly

Event 3:        25m Backstroke

Event 4:        50m Backstroke

Event 5:        25m Breaststroke

Event 6:        50m Breaststroke

Event 7:        25m Freestyle

Event 8:        50m Freestyle

Event 9:        10 x 50m Monster Relay


Our club championships will be held on Sunday 4th March at 4pm.  Events for club champs are listed on the back page of club handbook under club records.
Entries via website or email to me.
Thanks Robyn