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Inter-District Time Trial

posted Feb 7, 2011, 12:02 PM by Clinton Williams

Hi All,


Thank you to SSI committee members and club representatives for forwarding their opinions regarding the dilemma we are faced with for Inter District Selection.


Having taken these into consideration, the committee have made the decision that the fairest course of action is not to reschedule the 5th Pennant BUT we will allow swimmers to enter a “time trial” on Thursday evening (10th Feb) commencing at 6pm at the Mildura 50m pool.  This special meet will only be available to those swimmers who nominated their availability for Inter District Selection at the 5th Pennant and is designed to give them an opportunity to have a chance at gaining the best time for their age grouping in each event.  Swimmers who are not able to attend the meet will not be disallowed – their PB’s will be taken into consideration at the selection meeting.



·         Selection for the Inter District team will be based on times achieved rather than who may touch the wall first in any event.  In this way, the selection for inclusion in the team will be similar to Country Championships relay team selection.

·         Swimmers must be aware that even if they touch the wall first at the “time trial”, they still may not be awarded the swim for that event at the Inter District Meet.  They must beat the best time for all competitors in their age grouping, even if the swimmer with the fastest time is not present at the time trial.  The reason for this is that not all swimmers will be available to participate in the time trial due to other sports and activities to which they may already be committed.  Whilst this is not the premise upon which the 5th pennant is based (fastest swimmer on the night is awarded the swim), we must take into consideration that these are unusual circumstances and we need to make allowances for those who are unable to attend this meet given the short notice.

·         Swimmers should also be aware that in the event that two swimmers are vying for one swim and swimmer A beats swimmer B BUT swimmer B has a faster time from a previous swim then swimmer B will be awarded the swim at the Inter District Meet.  Any previous PB must have been achieved at a meet in the current season (ie from November 2010).

·         It is preferred that swimmers submit their entries by Wednesday evening to Robyn O’Brien ( but entries will be taken on Thursday if necessary.  Events will be as per the event list for the 5th pennant.  Swimmers will be seeded into Open events to ensure that the meet is run as quickly and efficiently as possible.


We are aware that the above criteria do not comply with the normal Inter District selection criteria, but we felt it was important to offer those swimmers who have trained hard for the Inter District Meet with the opportunity to have one last attempt at making the team.  We feel it is important to encourage inclusivity in the sport and by making this time trial available to swimmers we hope that they and their parents can see that we have tried to come up with a solution that is fair for all.


While we understand that these are not ideal circumstances in which to select a representative team, it is important to remember that this is not a perfect world we live in and sometimes we just have to do the best we can.  While some people will be disappointed we hope that some perspective can be applied to the situation – far worse things can and do happen.


Please note also that the Proficiency Meet will be rescheduled – we are still in the process of selecting a date and time for this but will let you know as soon as possible when this is determined.


Please don’t hesitate to be in touch with either Tim, Robyn, Diana or myself if there are any queries or concerns (please note that Diana is working night duty tonight -  7th Feb).



Best Regards,


Elissa Forster