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All Schools Meet - THANK YOU!

posted Dec 2, 2010, 5:15 PM by Clinton Williams
Hello Everyone,
Many thanks to you all for your help in running the All Schools Meet yesterday.  The assistance of everyone involved was very much appreciated.
Despite a slow start in the submitting of entries, we ended up with close to 100 swimmers on the day which was a fantastic result given the time of year and the limited time we have had to organise and publicise the event.  Both the Alison Curry Perpetual Trophy (for the most performance points) and the Participation Trophy were won by Trinity Lutheran College.  We will endeavour to bring forward the date for the meet next year – probably late October which may encourage new swimmers to join clubs from the start of the swimming season.
Swimmers and parents seemed to enjoy the meet and were introduced to the skill of timekeeping – hopefully local clubs may pick up a few new recruits in the not too distant future.
The BBQ was well patronised and our sausages were sold out just prior to the end of the meet.  Lencia juices and Crunchas were also very popular.  BBQ/Drinks/Cruncha takings were in excess of $500 which was very pleasing.
Sincere thanks to the following people:
Ben Tallent – For his generous offer of sponsorship.  Ben took on the job of announcing throughout the meet and also helped to organise schools and relay teams.  Many thanks Ben.
Clinton and Kim Williams – who had the unenviable task of marshalling 100 swimmers, most of whom have never attended a swim meet.   Clinton and Kim kept everything under control – well done to you both.
Robyn O’Brien – who set up the program, ran the computer and was very effective in doing some last minute recruiting of swimmers – thanks Rob.
Diana Lyons – who was our Referee for the meet and who was a picture of calm efficiency.
Karen Clark – who is always available to help out – Karen assisted Robyn with the computer throughout the meet.
Andrew Godfrey – who came in specifically to help out.  Andrew ran the ARES for us and we couldn’t be without his expertise – many thanks to you Andrew.
Teresa Crisp – who shared the refereeing duties with Diana and who helped in the distribution of flyers to NSW schools – thanks Teresa.
Gaylene Veal – our Chief Timekeeper for the meet who walked up and down the pool countless times.
Tania McManus – who was a huge help in both set up and pack up.  Tania arrived at the pool at 3.30pm to assist myself and Declan in moving equipment over to the Indoor Pool – we couldn’t have done it all without her.  Tania also helped to organise schools and getting swimmers to the correct starting blocks.  Many thanks Tania.
Lisa Lambert – who took pity on Tim and myself and helped with cooking and serving at the BBQ.  Lisa also was an amazing help with set up and pack up. 
Dave O’Brien – who was our starter throughout the evening and who helped, as always, with set up and pack up.
Ian Clark – our jack of all trades who helped with everything, including the very important job of cooking the onions for the BBQ!   Thanks Charcoal.
Paul Avers – who assisted with set up and pack up – thanks Paul.
Fiona Devilee – who organised publicity for the meet.
A huge thank you to the following kids who stepped up and helped out on the day.
Declan Forster – who made countless trips back & forth to the Clubrooms and assisted with set up, pack up and the running of the BBQ -  thanks Dec.
Marcus Walker – who helped with set up and who helped to cook the BBQ – much appreciated Marcus!
Bronte Forster – who handed out participation ribbons to all swimmers – thanks Bronte.
Chloe O’Brien, Alex Clark and Olivia Williams – who helped out as timekeepers – thanks girls.
Thanks also to Alison Curry for attending the meet to present the Alison Curry Perpetual Trophy.
Any feedback regarding how the meet may be improved for next year is most welcome and can be directed to any member of the SSI committee.
Thanks again to all.
Elissa Forster
Secretary/Records Officer
Sunraysia Swimming Incorporated
03 5024 5074 / 0438510034
03 50245083 (fax)
P.O. Box 3346
Mildura  Vic  3502