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2nd & 3rd Pennants / 1st Relay

posted Nov 1, 2011, 2:40 AM by Clinton Williams
Hi Everyone,
Please see below for remaining events for November (1st pennant is on Friday 4th November).
Entries via website or email to me.

2nd Pennant - Friday 11th November, 2011 - Entries by 4th November

Pool: Mildura Waves 50m

Program: Merbein

Host: Red Cliffs




Event 1:    200m Freestyle

Event 2:    25m Free

Event 3:   50m Freestyle

Event 4:    100m Butterfly

Event 5:    25m Backstroke

Event 6:   50m Backstroke

Event 7:    100m Freestyle

Event 8:   100m Backstroke

Event 9:   25m Butterfly

Event 10:  50m Butterfly

Event 11:  200m I.M.



   1st Relay - Friday 18th November, 2011 - Irymple Pool  - Please let me know if you would like to swim the Individual Medley event and/or you are available for       selection for relay teams.  Entries by 11th November

3rd Pennant - Friday 25th November, 2011 - Entries by 18th November

Pool: Mildura Waves 50m

Program: Mildura

Host: Irymple




Event 1:    200m BBBF

Event 2:    25m Butterfly

Event 3:   50m Butterfly

Event 4:    100m Freestyle

Event 5:    25m Freestyle

Event 6:   50m Freestyle

Event 7:    100m Butterfly

Event 8:    25m Breaststroke

Event 9:   50m Breaststroke

Event 10:  100m Breaststroke

Event 11:  800/1500m Free